25m electric fence kit for poultry


A great starter kit for small to medium electric fence set ups. Please note that this kit includes a hot gate, corner posts and other components for a quality set up (some competitor kits do not).

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25m Gated Poultry kit. Contains a Gemini 80 Energiser, 25m of mesh with poles, 4 corner posts, 1 hot gate, an earth spike, ground skewers, fence tester, pegs and guys. NB You will need to add a 12V battery OR use the energiser indoors on mains power with suitable lead out cables. We recommend adding additional poles rather than using the included guys to keep the fence taut.. In our very windy area we have added an additional pole every 2m and its extremely helpful in countering sag and grounding issues. You can expand your enclosure and add up to 50m of additional net using this energiser.