The Problem with Autumn/Fall…

Autumn/Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves on the trees show a myriad of colours and for a period of time the garden looks like a beautiful oil painting. The chickens love it too. As the leaves fall they take great delight in turning the leaves over, scratching at them to reveal hiding insects forContinue reading “The Problem with Autumn/Fall…”

Maintaining Our Woodburning Esse Oven

We are incredibly proud of our little cottage. It’s bigger now but back in the 1700s it was only a 2 up/2 down arrangement and our lounge would have been the main room for preparing, preserving and cooking food. We decided to pay homage to the original purpose of the room by installing an EsseContinue reading “Maintaining Our Woodburning Esse Oven”

Time to Repair and Paint Barn Windows

We love our smallholding/homestead. Our year is dictated by the seasons. In winter we decorate the inside of the house, clear and tidy barns and build/repair coops. In Spring it’s all systems go with planting and growing fruit and vegetables as well as hatching chickens. Summer is tending and harvesting which leaves Autumn/Fall for buildingContinue reading “Time to Repair and Paint Barn Windows”