The Rural Network Fuels Our Home

To keep our home warm we have 2 multi-fuel burners. We use wood as much as possible mainly because it’s a sustainable fuel. We obtain felled trees and we plant new trees to replace them.

This is one of our long term stores. In this store we have wood for burning in 24 months time.

We are very fortunate to know a number of local tree surgeons. As they fell trees they offer the wood to us for free as we have the facility to to store it for a minimum of 2 years before we use it as fuel to heat our home.

2 years is more than enough time to season the wood, drying it out for our multi-fuel stoves.

Hugh has a tremendous amount of work to process the wood. I would pretend that I process the fuel but Hugh is much better at this. I’ll stack the resulting logs but I don’t enjoy using a chainsaw. It’s just not my happy place. Stacking logs is like Tetris. It’s mathematical. That’s my happy place.

I mean, look at that. Is that not a thing of beauty?

Vertical stacks of chunks of wood that are drying out for our multi-fuel burners just makes me so happy.

Even better our friends in the local area have given us this wood for free.

All of the trees felled were damaged or dangerous in some way and as a result we have benefitted immensely.

On our homestead we have planted a number of rare and endangered trees to replace every tree that we have received for free. We are tremendously grateful for the generosity of friends and give back by planting as many rare trees as we can.

If you’re interested in how we process a tree to show how every part of it helps us we have a video that covers it.

2 thoughts on “The Rural Network Fuels Our Home

  1. Well done, and snap – the past few days have finally brought a break in ‘it rained every single day’ July and we had the task of checking the property for fallen trees. We were rewarded (?!) with several. Our roles are reversed, I am the wielder of the ‘lady chainsaw’ – though hubby usually has to start it! – and M does all the stacking, and splitting when the time comes. Love the fact that you replant thoughfully!! Great contribution and legacy!

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