Raptor 0.8J 3 way energiser


Raptor 0.80j 6/12 & 230 volt Allows 6 volt internal & 12 volt external battery input, plus 230 volt input via adaptor

6V Alkaline Battery

A "spring top" 6V battery used to provide backup power to Raptor energisers

TWIN 12V batteries for Energisers

2 x 12v 35amp/hr leisure batteries with 4 amp battery charger *

32AH Sealed 12V battery

12v lead oxide 32 amp/hr leisure battery *

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A very clever energiser that can operate on mains power or a 12V external battery. In addition it has a 6V disposable internal battery that will operate the unit if mains power is cut.Has a multi coloured LED indicator monitoring the condition of the fence. Suitable for up to 50m of poultry mesh

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