Chicksafe Advance Hen House Door Closer including Door


Brinsea’s ChickSafe Adnace opens and closes a coop door (pophole) at dawn and dusk using a set time, light reading or manual button press. You can mix and match settings (e.g. always open at 07:30 but close at dusk, whatever the time). The easiest battery change we know. We have several of these units on our coops and really rate them. This set includes the innovative Chicksafe 2 part sliding door.

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Brinsea’s ChickSafe Advance automatic hen house door opener means your birds are safely protected from predators overnight. Easy to use and easy to fit, tough and reliable with time, manual and daylight options. Opens and closes your chicken coop using a timer, light sensor or manual options – it can even provide a weekend lie in. Complete with the Chicksafe door.

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