Chicksafe 2-piece sliding pop hole / hen house door


A very well designed, metal, hen house door. Because the door is in two parts it needs very little height to rise above the coop pop hole. An innovative design that we have fitted to two of our self built coops

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Chicksafe "Advance" automatic opener and closer for pophole coop doors

Brinsea's ChickSafe Adnace opens and closes a coop door (pophole) at dawn and dusk using a set time, light reading or manual button press. You can mix and match settings (e.g. always open at 07:30 but close at dusk, whatever the time). The easiest battery change we know. We have several of these units on our coops and really rate them.

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A space saving, vertical sliding hen house door. The 2-stage metal door minimises the overall height required by telescoping. Comes complete with door runners.

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