Information Sheets

As part of our videos we sometimes produce useful documents that can be downloaded for you to use. You’ll find these documents here along with the relevant video to show you how they can be used or are useful.

Elderberry Wine Recipe

Venison Jerky Recipe

Sloe Vodka Recipe

Omlet Poletree Frame Plans

A Simple Sloe Gin Recipe

Chilli & Apple Jam Recipe

Sloe Jelly Recipe

Blackberry Port (Fortified Wine) Recipe

Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Seed & Planting Planner

How Much Land Do I Need Presentation

This accompanies the explanations in the YouTube video “How Big Should a Country Smallholding Be?”. It’s a starting point to tailor what you might want to do to understand how much land you might need.

How To Afford a Smallholding Lookup

This is the grid described in the video “How to Afford a Smallholding”. It’s a starting point for you to tailor the options to your own circumstances.

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